Over ons

Post vastgoed beheer is een gerenommeerd beheers kantoor in Amsterdam en omstreken, met meer dan 30 jaar ervaring  gespecialiseerd in alle facetten van het beheer van onroerende zaken en het bemiddelen bij aan-en verkoop van beleggings- onroerend goed.

Covid-19 protocol

The way we do our business during COVID-19?

  • Our listings are online, the way we communicate is by e-mail, phone or Whats App video
  • We can create movies of the property and send it to you, or live stream when an agent is in the property. You can ask any visual tour and you will see it live.
  • IF, a viewing in real life is planned, then the agent AND client must have: gloves, mask, social distancing of at least 2 meters and not have traveled recently to a hazardous country or region in the past 14 days. The viewing will be as short as possible, so that the communication continues over phone and e-mail
  • There can be situations that a property is currently occupied and that the person is working from home. We will not visit that property at all. A video tour will be send to you. We will not ask to have the current client to leave the house for any viewing
  • There can be a situation that the agent stays outside of the property and that you walk through the property yourself, then the rest is discussed over the phone
  • Check-in and check-outs will happen without the client. We take the lead and you will get a digital report afterwards. No client contact whatsoever will occur.
  • We hope you understand the above and have some trust in how we work, and that you can decide on the information shared if you wish to lease or lease out a property. If not, not a problem, we won’t argue with you.
  • We will not change our work methods, nor debate with you how we should act during this crisis, it is our way on

Post vastgoed beheer